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BUILDING strong relationships

The Fatherhood Connection is a faith-based, 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization.  It is not just about fathers, but fathers and families.  We want fathers to stay connected in the parenting process.  Whether they live together with their children, or apart from them, being available makes the difference.  There is an abundance of research that demonstrates the positive effects that involved fathers have on their children.  Children need dads who are safe, loving, and responsible.  Our aim is to help fathers become the dads their children need them to be. 

MORE THan a support payment

Paying child support is just the responsible thing to do. But being a dad is more than that, because fatherhood is not a spectator sport that men pay to watch.  Neither is it a competition with mom.  Mothers and fathers are unique and compliment each other.  Working together for the sake of their children will result in the best possible outcome. 

Kids Loe Their Dads ®


Any man can father a


...but it takes a good

man to be a dad.