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Domestic Violence Education

Guard BIP is a 26-week Batterer Intervention Program for men.  Specifically serving Burlington, Camden, and Mercer Counties by referral only.  The Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter is the world's most renowned Duluth Model curriculum for helping men identify and change beliefs that support using violence. 
Guard BIP is not anger management, or a substance abuse program.  It is domestic violence education and as such, participants must be enrolled and complete all sessions to receive a certificate of completion. 
We realize that to keep women safe, we have to help abusive men change.
The Duluth Model or Domestic Abuse Intervention Project is a program developed to reduce domestic violence against women.  It is named after Duluth, Minnesota, the city where it was developed, and is the place where our certified facilitator was trained.  *The program was largely founded by Ellen Pence and Michael Paymar.
Why the Duluth Model Works

The Duluth Model is successful because it is grounded in the experiences of victims, helps offenders and society change, and pulls the whole community together to respond.